Holding Pattern

It’s been an absurd length of time since I’ve written a blog post. For most of the time, that’s because of a combination of both being too busy and also not really doing anything worth writing about, but for the past little while I’ve been reluctant to add new content to this blog as I’m wanting to write my own blog engine and move everything over to that.

I do have stuff I want to write about, like my on-going learning to drive; working at TechCube in Edinburgh; online bullying; a howto on doing generic HA using PaceMaker and DRBD; depression; stuff on the OpenStack box I’m building (cloud-in-a-box!); all sorts of things!

I suspect that waiting until I have time to finish the blog engine is partly an excuse to not sit and write, but there it is.

In the meantime, I Aten’t Dead.