Hugs are not transitive.

A project that wasn't on my last from earlier in the week is the idea that was going to go on, which I registered back in September.

The idea was derived from Paul Wilson's idea for a web site to resolve beer debts. You know how you post to Twitter going 'Argh, Thing X doesn't work! Can anyone help?' and then someone saves the day and you say you'll owe them a beer? Most of the time the person you owe beer to is in some far-off strange place (like America) so actually purchasing them a beer is difficult. But maybe they owe beer to someone who lives near you, and by following the chain of beer-debts you can find someone who you actually can buy a pint for.

It's a nice idea, and I hope they actually make it some time.

My less nice variant was like that, but for hugs. You may also have noticed how people are unhappy, or something bad happens in their life, and across the internet people send hugs. Now, it's nice to be in someone's thoughts, and it definitely does help to send people 'virtual hugs' like this - it helps to remind people that they're not alone and that they have friends they can turn to for support. So why not do the same thing, to enable actual physical human contact, to trade 'owed' hugs?

Because unlike beer, hugs are not transitive. A beer from one person tastes as good as a beer from someone else, but close personal contact isn't the same at all. I personally dislike hugs from people other than my wife, even if they're close friends, and even less twitchy people are unlikely to want hugs off total randoms.

It would, in fact, be inappropriate touching.