Open Letter to my MP on gender recognition.

Today I saw a petition on the UK Parliament petitions website which I actually felt was worth signing. Most of them are just bullshit or pointless, but this one is »

berks viz

If you use Chef these days you probably also use Berkshelf for Chef cookbook dependency management. It's part of the Chef-DK and it's long established as a core part of »

Simple Backups to Tarsnap

It's important to keep backups of your data. Everyone knows this, but it's easy to let it slip, or to confuse having a RAID with having backups. I'm going to »

DevOps: What Do?!

DevOps: What Do?! 'DevOps' is a loaded term, and is threatening to go the way of 'agile' in meaning whatever the person speaking wants it to mean, and in doing »

Transitional naming schemes

A concept based off of a silly tweet I saw the other day: automatically naming new hosts using word lists. If you used an adjective-noun-verb pattern, each host would be »

Hidden dangers of team building rituals.

I recently saw a blog post on using gif selfies for team bonding, and it made me pause for a moment, and reflect on how I would feel if I »