Hidden dangers of team building rituals.

I recently saw a blog post on using gif selfies for team bonding, and it made me pause for a moment, and reflect on how I would feel if I »

Unexpected Benefits of Owning a Car

After procrastinating about it for far too long, last year I finally passed my driving test, got a licence, and bought a car (a VW Tiguan). Having access to a »

Holding Pattern

It’s been an absurd length of time since I’ve written a blog post. For most of the time, that’s because of a combination of both being too »

Mid-conference-week notes.

This week is conference week in Edinburgh. Tuesday saw ScotlandJS, the first JavaScript conference in Scotland and the start of attempts to build JavaScript communities in Scotland. Note that last »

Americans should hire remote sysadmins.

Most internet start-ups these days don't manage their own hardware, unless they've got several hundred million dollars in funding and some fairly specialist needs. Pretty much everyone is working just »

Call Out Gouranga And Be Miserable

This was originally written some time before 2003 - probably around 1999/2000, as that's when I was a student at Strathclyde University and got stopped by the Gouranga cultists »