I guess like many a geek, I've a laundry list of half-started or only-exists-in-my-head projects. Every year I decide I'm going to work on them more, and then I don't »

Fat Fucking Fail

This last weekend I assembled the exercise bike and actually started to use it and record data on After settling in to using it every day, today - »

Fat Fucking Bastard

If you've met me, you might've noticed that I'm a massive fat cunt. This has been the case for all of my life, and I'm mostly happy with it. It »

Awesome New Job

After a pleasingly brief period of unemployment (where I mostly applied for jobs online and watched The West Wing), I've managed to land myself a job with PickLive, who are »

Picky Eater: revisited

Last year I decided to do something about being such a picky eater. What I did was drink orange juice. And it worked, I no longer dislike orange juice, and »

Will Work For Money

I got to spend the first five months of this year working for an awesome start-up - Source Rail. The vagaries of start-up life mean that I've had to move »