Not-so-kinky Fetishes

I can't remember why we were discussing fetishes in the pub at Scottish Ruby Conference, but in an attempt to claim innocence (ha!) Ryan Stenhouse referred to the top hit »


I've just published the source code to @scotfail, as it was overdue a rewrite and a couple of people had expressed an interest in seeing how it worked. It's not »

Salvaging a failed iPhone app

The first of my 'being productive at the weekend' projects was something I'd actually started over the Christmas holidays - a pretty simple iOS app for checking domain name availability »

iOS webapp frameworks roundup

With a workable beta version of my first ever iPhone application sent out to the few brave souls who volunteered to test it, I thought I'd quickly go over my »

Promoting Personal Productivity Plan

So, pretty much every year I decide that I'm going to be more consistent about working on my side projects, updating this blog, and generally not spending my non-work time »

Status Update

Last November I handed in my notice at Daxtra Technologies. I didn't have anything else lined up, but after three and a quarter years I felt I needed to move »